Tips for Affordable Jeep Insurance

When purchasing any kind of vehicle insurance, there are several things that can be done reduce costs and keep them at a minimum, especially with a Jeep Wrangler. One thing which can easily be rectified is improving the security of the Jeep by buying an installing an anti-theft device such as an alarm or an immobilizer system. This type of vehicle is one of the most stolen in the United States, which is one reason why insurance rates can be higher than standard automobiles with a Wrangler.

Liability or Full Coverage?

Liability means paying a premium which just covers the cost of someone else’s vehicle if it is involved in an accident and the accident is found to be the driver’s fault. This is the lowest coverage someone can have and still remain a legally insured driver. Full coverage, on the other hand, will pay for the other car’s damage along with the car which is at fault in the accident. Depending on whether a Jeep Wrangler is used as an off-road vehicle or driven as a family vehicle will influence a driver’s decision regarding whether to purchase liability or full coverage.

Where to Find Affordable Jeep Insurance

No doubt the best way to find the most affordable Jeep Wrangler insurance is to do research online at the countless sites offering auto insurance quotes. Generally, all that is necessary to receive a fairly accurate quote is to answer a few questions, such as make, model and year of the vehicle, along with the number of drivers which will be insured on the vehicle. The quote can later be modified in the event the driver has a history of tickets or accidents. However, spending time asking questions and investigating the different types of Jeep insurance will certainly save you some money.

Why Insurance May Cost More for a Jeep

Because it is primarily used as an off-road vehicle and thus subjected to harsh treatment and has a potential for repeatedly being damaged, Jeep Wranglers will have a slightly higher insurance rate than regular cars. In addition, this rate is also taking into consideration the fact that it is frequently the object of theft because of the removable doors and easily ripped soft tops. Jeeps are considered to be the 15th least expensive vehicle to insure, however, because of their durability and tough design. They will last for a long time if taken care of with yearly preventative maintenance measures.

How to Save Money on Jeep Insurance

One little known fact about Jeep insurance companies is that they will consider the Wrangler the same as a convertible if it carries a soft top instead of a hard top. Investing in a hard top will significantly reduce the insurance premiums, along with installing special locks on the doors which may prevent them from being removed so easily. Standard rules regarding insurance rates also apply jeep insurance, such as the owner’s driving history, the number of drivers included on the policy, ages and sex of the driver or drivers and whether it is purchased to be used as a recreational vehicle or a primary vehicle.

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