San Fran Trails

There are several exciting Jeep trails available and waiting to be explored near San Francisco and across the country for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon owners.  By having a trail in mind, all you will need to do is pack some water, food and a GPS coordination system and get ready to go (for the most part). However, before setting off, make sure any trail matches your skill level, let someone know where you are going and ensure that your vehicle meets all the mandatory requirements for the trail.

Rubicon Trail

No Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon page about Jeep trails would be complete without the namesake Rubicon Trail.  This trail is rated a 10 out of 10 for both 4WD difficulty and fun.  The scenic, two day, twenty two mile trail takes riders from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe through the High Sierra.  This road is actually an unmaintained county road.  At one time it was an Indian trail and later a stagecoach road.  There are camping sites available along the trail, so be sure to bring along the proper equipment.  Better yet, take advantage of an EarthRoamer XV-JP self-contained camper.

Barney Riley Trail

Another popular location near the Nevada state line is the Barney Riley trail.  This trail originally ended  south of Hangman’s Bridge, but that exit is now closed to 4WD vehicles.  It now ends at the Carson River and drivers must turn and take the same route out.  On the trail, there are several different routes available depending on skill level.  On one of the larger hills there are rubber water breaks to help the climb.  Drivers should air down tires before attempting this route as there are large rocks across the road.

Pardoe Trail and Silver Lake

The Pardoe Trail and Silver Lake area are located near the Bear River Reservoir.  While a stock Jeep can traverse this trail, the wider wheel base of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon will have an easier time maneuvering through sharp turns.  All drivers must have a tow hook and straps.  There are campgrounds throughout this trail, but camping in the wilderness requires a permit.  Most of this trail is not difficult, but there are a few difficult areas.  There are also no major water crossings.

Slick Rock Road

Slick Rock Road is near Lake Alpine.  There is a campground at the bottom of the trail and it is surrounded by private property.  This trail features a slick granite drop on the trail that the location is named for.  At one point the road was actually asphalt and some parts of the original road remain.  Enjoy scenic Silver Creek flowing along the trail and extend your adventure by picking a wilderness campsite nearby.  Slick rock and a climb near Duck Creek are the two biggest obstacles on this course.  Be sure to bring a winch and ensure your axles can be locked to make it past these locations.  Fortunately the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon offers both as standard.

Top National Trails

The Moab is famous for its beauty and the historic mining roads accessible to 4WD vehicles.  There is a large selection of trails available from easy 2WD backcountry roads to difficult 4WD trails for any experience level.   The Chimney Rock trail in Arizona is also a popular location for 4WD adventures.  Rated a 6 out of 10, this trail gives drivers the ability to view the backcountry near Chimney Rock.  Colorado also offers several trails including in the San Isabel National Forest at the Harvard Trail.

Where to Purchase Maps

There are many online sources to purchase trail maps for 4WD treks.  Some sites offer these maps for free while others offer subscription services.  Most locations also have maps available onsite.  There are books available that focus on different 4WD trails too.  By joining a 4WD group, there are planned excursions to different locations and reviews of popular trails available.  In addition, other members may be able to offer recommendations in forums, chat rooms and during group meetings.

There are hundreds of well known trails all over the United States, each of which have their own unique qualities. However, as mentioned briefly above, be sure to be as prepared as possible and you are sure to have a great time.