Who Are We?

Awhile back ago; about 5 years ago my friend Jon and I were out getting into our usual trouble in our TJ Wrangler.  It was just another trip and opportunity to go do some off-roading and camping for the weekend.  We were over near Lassen National Forest exploring some of the hillside when I let my friend Jon take the wheel, my first mistake?

He was not a very experienced driver and to make this story short he was a very crazy driver.  He thought the snow was not too deep where we were so he made a run at it and as I was screaming stop we ended up stuck in a snow bank that had the snow coming half way up the door.  It gets better though as we only had one shovel to help bail us out.

Now keep in mind that at this time it was getting very late in the day as the sun was going down.  We are nowhere near our camp site and we are digging as best we can with no gloves and trying to keep our hands warm.  After about 2 hours of digging the sun was gone and we realized that the winch had broken and there was no way for us to pull this out so we would continue to dig more.  After our hands are numb at this point and hurting we decided we better try and start a fire.  Luckily Jon was a smoker so he had a lighter on him and we were able to get some heat going from a fire.  The next morning, mid morning to our surprise another off-roader happened to be coming our way.  He (Conrad, my other friend now) helped us get unstuck and we were on our way.

Some valuable learning experiences to take away from this is one, never let your friend who has not driven very much take the wheel to your baby.  Two, make sure to pack some gloves and warm gear when traveling in snowy country.  And Three, be sure to pack two shovels because you never know when you and a friend need to dig yourself out of something you stepped in. =)

To this day we are still friends with Conrad who helped us out of that bind and we try to do as many runs as possible in good company.  As you can tell from our blog we live in the San Francisco area and try to advocate and support any 4×4 Jeep clubs and local shops we come across.  Although we haven’t had to rescue anyone else stranded on the trail, additional friends are easy to come by with so many local enthusiasts who love the same hobby.

So who are we?  We are a group of guys who love our vehicles and the places they take us!